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Once we got inside I knew there would be no turning back, but that’s just what I wanted and needed. I put my arms around his thick neck and proceed to let him taste my tongue while I wanted to taste his. He proceeded to explore my mouth and I sucked his tongue in hard.   Black Dick Sucking!

The pants came down and inside his white briefs was a black monster, a huge gigantic piece of thick meat like I had never seen or imagined. It stuck out obscenely from the top of the elastic, flat against his stomach, so long it went passed his navel. It throbbed hard, matching the furious beat of my heart, I said I loved a big fat dick but this was beyond big, it was huge and thick, long and fat, deeply veined and capped by a head that was hard as steel and purplish in color.  Black Dick Sucking!

I was almost frightened as I pulled down the briefs and released that angry beast. It flopped down with its own weight but bobbed back up again to greet my wide-eyed stare. I looked up at his face and he smiled, he obviously had seen this look before and told me it was over 12 inches long and three inches wide at its thickest, a question I would imagine many have asked.  Black Dick Sucking!

It looked like a ball bat as I grabbed it at the base but my fingers couldn’t grasp it all the way around and with both hands clutching it at the base still protruded over 3 inches. His big black balls looked like tennis balls hanging down in a smooth soft sack, he had shaved all the hair away which made it look even bigger. I wanted to swallow him whole but didn’t think it was possible but I was going to try.  Black Dick Sucking!

I pulled his black monster cock to my face and proceeded to licked the swollen head, my fierce attempt to grip this mighty thick dick was causing the head to get harder and swollen and more purple than before, if that was possible. The head was like hot steel as I opened wide and sucked his giant member into my mouth. It almost burned my tongue as I forced as much of this rod as I could into my mouth.

How I got the first three or so inches in I don’t know but I was going to swallow as much as I could. My lips touched my fingers I was using to clench this black monster dick  (and protect myself from the hip thrusts of this stallion) as I slid this huge cock in and out of my mouth. He stood there with his head thrown back moaning out loud as I released one had from his shaft, grabbed a handful of his ass and pulled him deeper into my slobbering mouth and now my throat! I’ve had guys as big as 8 inches plus but this was something all together different, not only longer but just so thick, my jaw was open as wide as I could get it. With one hand still gasping the base and the other on his ass I controlled the pace of his thrusting into my stretched mouth. I knew the next level was coming and I was hoping I was up to the challenge.  I was going to milk this huge black monster cock dry!   Black Dick Sucking!

Concentrating now on breathing through my nose, I prepared to encounter the gag reflex I used to get when I first started sucking cocks. Each time I found a bigger guy, I would have to adjust to the size but I wasn’t sure if this would work this time but I wanted to suck him off in the worst way and I was on a mission. I knew I would never find a cock like this again, so I was going to make sure I held onto him!  Black Dick Sucking!

After about five minutes of deep throating the eight or so inches jutting out beyond the grasp of my one hand I could sense he was close to the edge, I had to go for it now. I released my feeble grip on the base and grabbed another handful of his ass and started shoving and cramming the first 8 inches in and out of my mouth with long, hard sucking sounds. He started to spoil it by grabbing my head and trying to thrust in deeper at his will but I pushed his hands away and slide that huge monster dick out of my mouth with a slippery pop.  Black Dick Sucking!

Positioning myself over him, I proceeded to open my mouth and slowly slide his black meat pole past my lips and into my throat. I consider myself a great cock-sucker but this one was going to take all I had, but I wanted it bad, so slowly I worked my way back through the first portion and twisted and turned my head to receive the swollen head down my anxious throat. Up and down I bobbed, taking a little more each time but once again I could feel the telltale pulsing and throbbing of a cock ready to explode. I forced my palms up against the base of the huge cock to clear the way and inhaled through my nose and as I did I inhaled his gigantic dick meat down into my throat and began to finish him off.  Black Dick Sucking!

With my face against his stomach I started to swallow over and over again, letting my throat muscles massaging and stroking his impaled cock while if was trapped tightly in my mouth. His hips surged upward but that didn’t matter to me, I had all 12 inches deep past my lips and into my stretched throat as he let out a bellow that almost scared me and he began to jet his first load of sperm into my stomach..........
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